4-Day-Retreat in the Discipline of Authentic Movement

09.-12.10.2020 in Sofia, Bulgaria

These days are for practitioners, who want to deepen and reflect their experience in the Discipline of Authentic Movement

  • who want to evolve in their personal and professional development through further development in this method
  • who want to integrate aspects of the Discipline of Authentic Movement in their work as therapists, artists, counselors
  • who are committed wholeheartedly to practice and reflect this western discipline of embodied awareness practice, embracing the development of conscious relationship to self, collective and numinous.

Language: English

Dates:   Friday 09. – Monday, 12. of October 2020

Times: Friday, 10:00am  – Monday, 1 pm

Place:   Sofia, Bulgaria

Fee:  because of Corona for free, donations are welcomed

Teacher: Anke Teigeler:

  • Teacher of  the Faculty Circles of Four – an international  post-graduate program for the preparation of teachers of the Discipline of Authentic Movement
  • Dance movement therapist, teaching therapist, supervisor, registered trainer for dance therapy programs by the German Association of Dance Therapists (BTD)
  • Laban/Bartenieff Movement Analyst (CMA)
  • Child- and Adolescent Psychotherapist, Traumatherapist
  • Student of Janet Adler since 1994

Information and registration:

  • In Germany: Anke Teigeler, info@anke-teigeler.de
  • In Bulgaria: Emiliya Nikolova, authenticmovementbg@gmail.com