Retreat Discipline of Authentic Movement – Embodied Awareness

June 2-6 & October 15-17  2021 near Hanau (Germany)

For many years, participants of this ongoing group have been systematically exploring the Discipline of Authentic Movement as a deepening path of embodiment, compassion and presence through embodied  study of  the inner witness and the mutual learning community.

The group aims for practicing the Discipline of Authentic Movement together as a collective becoming consious and for deepening their experience of this therapeutic-spiritual path. The focus of this year’s advanced training course is on the stabilizing aspects of the Discipline in times of crisis as well as on becoming aware of the interdependenence between personal and collective reactions and developments.


Language: German

Participants:  Psycho- and body-oriented psychotherapists, dance therapists (BTD); People with years of experience in the Discipline of Authentic Movement, learners in Circles of Four

I. Thursday 3d – Sunday 6th June 2021
II. Thursday 14th – Sunday 17th October 2021

Thursday 10am – Sunday 2pm (30 hours)

Place:   Seminar house Kapellenhof (Hirzbach 15, 63546 Hammersbach)

Costs:   850€ (incl. Fees for seminar room)
Transfer until 5th Match 2021 to Account: Anke Teigeler
GLS Bank: IBAN: DE52 4306 0967 8018 0290 00 BIC: GENODEM1GLS

Teacher:   Anke Teigeler: Faculty member of the Circles of Four for passing on the Discipline of Authentic Movement, qualified dance therapist (BTD), Certified Movement Analyst; Child and adolescent psychotherapist, EMDR trauma psychotherapist.