What is Authentic Movement ?

Originally, Authentic Movement was founded in the USA by the dance-therapist Mary Whitehouse. Janet Adler, one of her students, extends one direction of Authentic Movement to an education in awareness and consciousness rooted in the body, based on the Discipline of Authentic Movement and also known as „The Path Authentic Movement“ until today.

The Discipline of Authentic Movement as path of practice examines the coaction of individual, society and spiritual practice, while having sympathy, tolerance and humbleness towards life.

While doing this, they reverse their awareness towards inside, they follow arising impulses of movement and they open their self for the not-knowing. In the following exchange they get in an aware and integrating relationship to their experience. Experiences of the own biography, of the collective unconscious or energetic phenomena can appear. During the whole process, the community plays a major role. The companions or “witnesses“ are careful, not-judging and open and form an healing resonating cavity.

Like this, the Discipline of Authentic Movement builds bridges between:

  • meditation and therapy
  • self-determination and belonging
  • trauma and presence
  • personality and direct experience
  • body, soul, sprit and shadow.


Publication: Entering not-knowing by Anke Teigeler

I am pleased to inform about the publication of my first anthology about the Discipline of Authentic Movement in German language.

If you are interested, you find more information and ways to buy it here.

Also it can be ordered on Amazon.


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