In Resonance with the Nameless – Discipline of Authentic Movement Retreat 2023

14th – 17th September 2023 near Frankfurt (Germany) 

This retreat is for all who want to deepen their experience of the Discipline of Authentic Movement as a contemporary embodied mystical practice by their willingness to withdraw from everyday life, to come together in silence and stay as present in the moment

as possible while witnessing themselves, the other(s) and life in all its facets.We will explore:

  • silence and presence in mutual connection with each other, with oneself and within clear silent awareness
  • a conscious community that develops the collective body as a resonant space for the nameless and the not knowing
  • the practice and development of the inner witness both in moving and in speaking from within our embodied experience

Current developments in the Discipline of Authentic Movement, such as the form of Ceremony, are included and applied to the particular professional fields of the participants.


Experienced practitioners of the Discipline of Authentic Movement, learners & teachers in Circles of Four

Retreatcenter Kapellenhof / near Frankfurt (Hirzbach 15, 63546 Hammersbach)

14th – 17th September 2023 (25 Hours)

Thursday/Friday/Saturday: 10am – 1pm & 3.30 – 6.30 pm & 7.45 – 8.45pm Seminar
Sunday 9.30 – 2pm ending with lunch together

515€ (+ costs for overnight stay and full board, 260€ single room/245€ double room)
495€ (when registrating before 1st February 2023)
In case Lisa Tsetse is able to personally attend, the costs will increase by 80€.

German / English (translator for seminars)

Anke Teigeler: leads the practice of the Discipline of Authentic Movement
Lisa Tsetse (USA): leads the seminar (online)
Both of us are colleagues in Circles of Four and peers in the practice of the
Discipline of Authentic Movement.


Registration & information

Anke Teigeler: Römergasse 16 – 65199 Wiesbaden – Tel.: 0163 171 5593