Saturday practice with Authentic Movement

Sep 11 & Dec 4 in Wiesbaden (Germany)

The Discipline of Authentic Movement is based on the principles of awareness, compassion and embodiment of biographical, collective and spiritual experiences towards a more comprehensive development of consciousness intertwined with the work on biographical personal injuries.

Trust in life with all its facets and the experience of wholeness become possible through the ‘conscious body’ (Janet Adler) evolving within and because of relating with each other with a mindful and non-judgemental attention.


The participants – ‘movers’ close their eyes. Without any musical stimuli they turn their attention inward and follow arising movement impulses while trying to perceive and embody whatever emerges: body sensations, feelings, images and thoughts. With what appears they are accompanied by the external companion (called the outer witness). She perceives without intervening and practices herself to see benevolently with and through the heart.

After moving, movers open their eyes and come into resonance with the movement process as well as with their outer witness by finding words coming out of experience. In remembering and naming, awareness of the experience becomes possible. This contains the potential for healing and integration.


Language: German

Participants:  Interested people with and without previous experience (max. 6 participants because of the pandemic // eventually online in case of shutdown)

Dates:  11th of September  &  4th of December 2021

Times:  Saturday 10am-6.30pm (incl. 2 hour break in total)

Costs:  240€ in total/ 125€ for single Saturday

Registration:  When interested please write to

Teacher:  Anke Teigeler: Teacher Discipline of Authentic Movement; Faculty Circles of Four; Qualified dance therapist (BTD); Certified Movement Analyst (CMA); Child and adolescent psychotherapist for groups and individuals; EMDR therapist