Retreat – The Discipline of Authentic Movement in times of the unknown – Together in Presence

Nov 13 – 16 2021  Isle of Frauenwörth (Germany)

This retreat had to be cancelled because of ongoing difficulties in regard to Covid-19.

This retreat welcomes experienced practicioners and students, learners, Blessed Teachers and Faculty of Circles of Four of the Discipline of Authentic Movement

  • who long to turn toward each other and all others with resonance and trust, to practice and reflect from embodied realtional awareness.
  • who hold questions of the interconnectedness and intertwining of collective work, direct experience and mystical practice in their personal development and in their teaching practice.

This retreat offers time and space for embodied inquiry toward:

  • How do I practice conscious relationship to self, the collective and the unknown in the vast uncertainties and confusion of living with environmental climate change and Covid-19?
  • How do ceremony and the practice of collective awareness invite and support us in the mystical and spiritual aspects of the Discipline?
  • How might clear silent awareness and deep listening support us in becoming part of an interwoven vessel of the numinous?
  • Who or What is it that witnesses us while we commit to staying present in the midst of not knowing?

: English

Dates: Saturday 13th – Tuesday 16th of November

Times: Saturday/Sunday/Monday  10am – 7pm; Tuesday  10am – 6pm (Retreat practice 6 hours each day)

Place: Germany – Isle of Frauenwörth, Seminar area of Abbey of Benedictine (Chiemsee South Germany / near Munich)

Accomodation & Food (per day):  Single rooms: 35-60€/day; Food: 40-50€/day

Costs: 540€;
No one will be turned away due to economic challenges. A limited number of work-study scholarships and reduced fees are available according to individual needs with no questions asked.

Information and registration:
Early registrations is encouraged to reserve your space; no one will be charged in the event of a shutdown. Requests for support must be made in advance directly to Anke or Lisa by email.

For further information or registration please enter here A practice of ceremony or contact Anke Teigeler by mail or phone (+49) 163 1715593.


Teachers: Lisa Tsetse & Anke Teigeler
Lisa Tsetse and Anke Teigeler are dedicated students of Janet Adler from 1985/1994 to the present. Both
are faculty members of Circles of Four since its inception and are devoted practitioners and teachers of the Discipline of Authentic Movement.

Lisa Tsetse:
Lisa Tsetse has taught and practiced the Discipline of Authentic Movement since 1985 as a pathway to developing embodied consciousness and collective awareness. She co-founded a non- profit dance and multi-arts collective in the US in 1979, supporting individual and collective creative process through consensual decision-making, and codeveloped the Community Authentic Movement Long Circle in 1995. Since 1997 she has been a member of the Stumps Sprout Collective, a circle of 21 individuals who study and practice Authentic Movement together within a “leader-full” collective. Lisa continues to work within the fields of dance, the healing arts, environmental and nonviolent social justice. At the heart of her dedication to the Discipline of Authentic Movement is her compassionate exploration of the places where our personal and collective journeys meet and become one and where they are present in their own unique expression within each of us as individuals and within community.

Anke Teigeler:
Read about me on this website (here) and in the brochure to the seminar (here).