Together in Presence – A practice of ceremony

This thematic retreat had to be postponed to the future, when meetings with international groups will be more save again.

Learners, Faculty and Blessed Teachers 
of Circles of Four as well as experienced practitioners and students of the Discipline of Authentic Movement will be welcomed.


  • Who want to explore and develop together a deeper understanding of embodied consciousness within individual and collective presence.
  • Who long to turn toward each other and all others 
with resonance and trust, to practice and reflect 
from embodied relational awareness.
  • Who hold questions of the interconnectedness and intertwining of collective work, direct experience and mystical practice in their personal development and in their teaching practice.
  • Who are committed to deepen their experience 
of group practice within community.


This thematic retreat offers time and space for the following questions:

  • How do I practice conscious relationship to self, others, the collective and the unknown in the shared historical challenges, confusion and chaos of our times?
  • What is the contribution of collective forms such as the declaring circle and the long circle to the evolving nature of ceremony? How are the roles of mover and witness present in ceremony?
  • What are the connections between collective presence and ceremony in the Discipline of Authentic Movement as mystical practice.
  • How might silence help us open the space into clear silent awareness? How might clear silent awareness 
and deep listening support me in becoming part of an interwoven vessel of the numinous?
  • Who or What witnesses us while we commit to staying present in the midst of not knowing? What is this energetic presence that is we and is not we, as we come into resonance with each other and the whole?


Teachers: Lisa Tsetse and Anke Teigeler – both Faculty Circles of Four

Language: English

Dates:   not known yet

Times: Friday, 10am  – Sunday, 6 pm

Place:   Wiesbaden, Germany, Seminar house – Haus am Schlosspark
Am Schlosspark 23, 65203 Wiesbaden

B&B nearby & sleeping places in the Retreat Center

Information and registration:
For further questions and registration read this brochure Together in Presence – A practice of Ceremony
open the Registration and contact 
Anke Teigeler by mail or 
phone (+49) 0611 2618059

390€ (Please, do not hesitate to ask us if you require