Authentic Movement

a practice for

  •  deep trust to the wisdom of the body,
  •  mindful and compassionate resonance with oneself and others,
  •  embodied consciousness

Authentic Movement is one precious possibility for all who want to become aware of inner processes within and because of the body as vessel consciously and intensively. Those are invited who practice a therapeutic, artistic or consultant profession and all with strong interest in self-development and the longing for an embodied compassionate awareness practice.

Authentic Movement  evolves and deepens with increasing experience. One way of practicing is offered by the participation in groups – ongoing or in different formations.

Offerings – Practice

Because of this you will find single seminars for interested people to get a taste and first experience of Authentic Movement as well as continuous groups for experienced practitioners. Those who feel committed by their heart to the Discipline of Authentic Movement, founded by Janet Adler as a spiritual/mystical discipline are invited to retreats.

As it is about movement and not about flexibility, there are no physical requirements.