in children and adolescents

  • for intensive help in difficult life situations
  • for solutions through better understanding and acting     
  • for a trusting togetherness


Child and adolescent psychotherapy is a concentrated, comprehensive support for children, adolescents and young adults with profound problems. Sometimes an adequate adjustment does not succeed under stressful conditions and in conflicts within the family, kindergarten or school. Young people may show their excessive demands in their own way, for example with conspicuous behavior, fear, aggression or eating disorders and may need specific support.

The first probatory hours of treatment serve to get to know each other and to clarify the goals and duration of psychotherapy. Thereafter, therapeutic contacts can be arranged. They usually take place once a week at a fixed time of 50 minutes. Regular contact with parents as well as schools, pediatricians and accompanying institutions are an important part of the therapy, especially for children. For the parents, this exchange often means support, relief and advice.

My approach is based on deep psychological psychotherapy, one of the recognized guideline procedures. In the therapeutic contacts I work playfully, creatively and with movement. In the case of adolescents and young adults, the focus is on conversation and orientation towards shaping the future. I focus on the current problems without losing sight of the causal conditions and personal strengths.

My practice – as a child and adolescent psychotherapist approved by the KV-Hessen – is in
Wiesbaden (Dotzheim), Römergasse 16. 

Telephone consultation hours to make appointments and to clarify initial questions are:

Monday 11.00 -11.50 am

Thursday:  10.40-11.30 am

The psychotherapeutic consultation hour is used to clarify the situation of your child or the adolescent and to determine sensible further steps or a possible need for therapy. This consultation hour takes place exclusively by telephone arrangement.

As a licensed child and adolescent psychotherapist, I am a member of the Psychotherapeutenkammer Hessen


in adults

In therapy with adults, I combine body-oriented procedures, verbal reflection and dance therapy for direct access and support paths for their current issues and life issues.