Coming from my love to dance, I have been leading seminars, training courses and retreats for more than 30 years, primarily in dance therapy. Moving on, my personal and professionel development has been shaped profoundly by being trained in Laban / Bartenieff movement studies and through many years of studying the Discipline of Authentic Movement with Janet Adler. Practicing and evolving embodied awareness within compassionate relationships and the development of the inner witness have become a lifeline.

To lead people mindfully, clearly and openly into their own vitality, depth and presence through meeting others is essential to me. Those responsible for accompanying and supporting change processes may also experience ways of creating a congruent and compassionate togetherness and resource-oriented use of movement.

In the meantime, it has become very important to me to focus on the Discipline of Authentic Movement, particularly in the context of  Circles of Four.

In the following you will find current dates.


In Resonance with the Nameless – Discipline of Authentic Movement Retreat 2024

18 May ‚Äď 21 May 2024 Wiesbaden (Germany)

This retreat is for all who want to deepen their experience of the Discipline of Authentic Movement as a contemporary embodied mystical practice by their willingness to withdraw from everyday life, to come together in silence and stay as present in the moment (more…)

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Retreat-Circle Discipline of Authentic Movement – Mutuality 2024

 23 May Р25 May &  07 November Р 10 November 24;  near Hanau (Germany)

For many years, participants of this ongoing group have been systematically exploring the Discipline of Authentic Movement as a deepening path of embodiment, compassion and presence through embodied¬† study of¬† the inner witness and the mutual learning community. (more…)

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