Dance Therapy

an approach for

  • joy of life and crisis management
  • self-determination and relationship skills
  • symptom solution and sensual experience


Who is this form of therapy suitable for?
Dance therapy is suitable for people of all ages who want to approach stressful topics through movement and dance. These can be feelings such as fear and depression but also interpersonal relationships and traumatic experiences stored in the body. The desire to bring “head and stomach” together and to develop further are frequent motivations for dance therapy.

How is the therapeutic process designed?
At the beginning of an individual therapeutic treatment you find out your goals for the therapy in conversation and through exercise. The duration and frequency of therapeutic contacts depend on this. Usually, every week or every two weeks sessions of 60 minutes take place in consultation with me. Here, you can creatively express and understand your topics and try out new ways of behaving and acting.

In my approach, I consider modern therapeutic and neurobiological concepts in connection with the ancient knowledge of dance. Body and mindfulness exercises, free dancing and creative media promote the therapeutic process. In conducting the interview, I follow the principles of non-violent communication according to M. Rosenberg.

How can dance therapy help you?
Dancing together without pressure in dance therapy groups leads to stress reduction, liveliness and strength. You reflect on yourself or explore your behavior within groups in a playful and humorous way. If you are interested and have questions about group offers, please feel free to contact me.


My ethical obligation and dance therapy qualification corresponds to the secured standards of the professional association of dance therapists in Germany BTD with the recognition as a qualified dance therapist, teaching therapist and supervisor (BTD).

Together with my colleague, the music therapist Elka Aurora, I work in the practice of body-oriented psychotherapy in Wiesbaden Dotzheim.

Telephone consultation hours for making and arranging appointments and for clarifying initial questions are:

Monday: 11.00 – 11.50 am

Thursday: 10.40 – 11.30 am